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What I offer

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Interims Management

Are you in need of temporary Manager to build up your product organization, manage your product team, or simply get things done? I have you covered by stepping in as an executive during transitions, transformations, allowing you to focus on other priorities.

Additionally, I help you with the creation of a Product, Vision, Strategy and digital Transformation of your company.


Workshops & Trainings

I offer a variety of trainings and development programs to enhance skills, leadership, and overall performance. Furthermore, I am more than happy to support your event with facilitation, panel discussions or input as a speaker.

Examples of my past trainings:

  • 6-months Product Leadership Program

  • Leadership in an agile environment

  • Product Vision & Strategy

  • Discovery & Innovation

  • Organisational Development & Alignment

  • Design Sprints


UNIQUE TOPIC: Improvisational theater for Business

  • Learn from Improvisational Theater techniques to better deal with change and uncertainty or how to have a superior stage presence when presenting.


Product & Agile Consulting

Are you in need of an outsider's perspective on a specific topic or simply in need of a sounding board? I am happy to challenge the status quo and provide personalized solutions to meet your unique needs.

New to working with Product Managers? I can introduce you to the world of Product Management and agile mindset, helping you maximize your work relationship and achieve optimal business results.

Struggling to retain Product Managers for longer than a year? Let's discuss how to create a Product Career framework and develop the necessary skills for growth and advancement of your people.

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Product Mentoring

Take your product skills to the next level and become an excellent Product Manager!

  • I will analyze your current skills and develop a personalized growth plan to help you reach your career goals.

  • As your personal mentor, I will not only teach you the theory, but also show you how to apply it to your current projects.

  • Together, we will try out and incorporate new product and agile tools into your job, helping you build a standard toolkit that you can use to succeed in your daily business. Let me help you ramp up your skills and reach your full potential as a Product Manager.


Digital Products

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