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About me

I am an experienced Product expert with a track record of building and managing successful international products and teams. I have a unique ability to connect extremely fast with people and create high-performing teams with a strong sense of psychological safety, motivation, and skill. I've gone through hyper growth, scaling and internationalisation twice, including hiring, ramping up teams and processes as well as delivering new products from scratch.

In my career, I have worked in several multinational corporates, startups and even founded my own company. This has taught me the importance of working efficiently and effectively to find solutions, focus on customers, and create value. I am always seeking ways to improve processes and make the most of every interaction.

My hobby of improvisational theatre has also intersected with my professional life, as I have learned that the principles of improvisation can be applied to create a more efficient, effective, and enjoyable work environment in the VUCA world. I actively incorporate these principles into my work and show others how to harness the power of business and theatre.

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