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Unleash your career is a Master Class for Product Managers to create your personal growth plan to boost your career.

Your real life examples

You will learn methods around career planning while applying them directly to your own examples. 

We use your real life examples to practice and discuss.

Prerequisite: You work in a Product management role

In weekly sessions you will learn about methods and frameworks for your personal career development, and share experience within the group. 

In parallel you will get tasks to work on  between sessions.

Your time commitment: 4h/week

Time for every participant

Each cohort is a small group of participants to ensure time for your questions and examples.

Additionally, you can learn from peers having similar challenges and how they solve them.

Grow your network, and create a long lasting support group. 

What you will get

With the help of a global product management career framework, you will understand which skills are needed on which level in a Product management career. Together we assess your skills, identify development areas and create your personal growth path, to be prepared for the next level in your career.

Product Management Skill Levelling Framework PDF for free!

Being visible with your great work is crucial but also challenging. You will learn techniques to share your work in a way that still feels natural. Gaining visibility within your company will support your career development.

You will learn the power of influencing others without having authority. Manage your Manager and their manager effectively to be more successful in product development but also in your career.

After the Master Class is completed, you have one month e-mail consulting from me included. Ask me anything about Product development and your career path and I will answer your questions.

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