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Learn how to navigate company politics.

During this 5-weeks Master Class you will learn different aspects needed to manage politics with ease and fun in every company, no matter if its a small Startup or a multinational corporate. 

In weekly sessions, we will discuss

  • how to manage conflicts effectively

  • whats needed to get your or someones promotion

  • different games people play around status 

  • how to influence without authority

  • how to manage change and transformation

​Dont be afraid of company politics - I will show you how to have fun with it. 

About Company Politics

Company Politics is a Master Class for everyone who wants to learn how to navigate easy through political games at work. 

Your real life examples

You will learn theory and methodology while applying them directly to your own examples. 

We use your real life examples to practice and discuss.

Remote sessions & asyncronical work

In weekly sessions we will meet remotely as a group and work through one topic, its theory and many practical examples. 

In parallel you will get tasks to work on  between sessions.

Total time commitment: 4h/week

Time for every participant

Each cohort is a group of max. 10 participants to ensure time for your questions and examples.

Additionally, you can learn from peers having similar challenges and how they solve them.


Grow your network, and create a long lasting support group. 

What you will get

Influence without authority

Learn how to navigate complex organizational dynamics and inspire action, even without formal power. From building strong relationships to leveraging persuasive techniques, you'll discover how to effectively sway opinions and drive outcomes.  

Whether you're leading cross-functional teams or seeking buy-in for your ideas, this class will empower you to influence with confidence and integrity.

Manage change & transformation

Learn about proven strategies and best practices for navigating organizational shifts with confidence and agility. From fostering a culture of resilience to leading change initiatives effectively, you'll gain the skills to drive successful transformations from start to finish.  

Whether you are effected by external change or initiating it, you will be able to deal with it.

Understand status and other games

Decode the dynamics of organizational behavior and gain valuable insights into the subtle power plays and dynamics at play within teams and organizations. From navigating office politics to leveraging status effectively, you'll learn how to navigate complex social landscapes with finesse and authenticity. 

Post-program E-Mail consulting

After the Master Class is completed, you have one month e-mail consulting from me included. Ask me anything about Product development and your career path and I will answer your questions.

Is it for you?

  • This Master Class is designed for people working in Tech-Companies.

  • It is for you when you want to learn how to convince people and start a change management process.

  • You want to understand whats going on around you and how to influence others without authority.

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