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Combine the art of Product Management with science and use data to your advantage. 

This 4-week Master Class will give you the knowledge needed to work more data-driven when developing software products.

In weekly sessions, you will

  • learn to create and use KPI Trees for product development

  • understand how to use data in presentations and stakeholder management

  • amplify your knowledge about testing options 

  • interpretate dashboards and extract valuable insights

​Dont be scared of data, lets have fun with it to make the next step in your Product career. 

About Data-driven Product Management

Data-driven Product Management is a Master Class for Product Managers to help you understand and use data in your daily work to become an excellent Product Manager.  

Your real life examples

You will learn methodology while applying them directly to your examples. 

We use your real life examples to practice, discuss and learn from other peers.

Prerequisite: You work in a Product management role

Remote sessions & asyncronical work

In weekly sessions you will learn about methods and frameworks on how to use and generate data. We discuss your examples and find solutions to your work challenges together. 

In addition, you will have tasks to work on  between each session.

Total time commitment: 4h/week

Time for every participant

Each cohort is a small group of participants to ensure time for your questions and examples.

Additionally, you can learn from peers having similar challenges and how they solve them.

Grow your network, and create a long lasting support group. 

What you will get

Creating powerfull KPI Trees

Dive deep into the methodologies of crafting Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Trees to drive impactful insights and guide your organization toward success.

With hands-on guidance, you'll learn the different options to construct KPI Trees tailored to your specific goals, empowering you to measure progress effectively and make informed decisions.

Communicating & convincing with data

You will master the secrets of presenting data in a compelling and persuasive manner to drive impactful decision-making.  From crafting powerful narratives to leveraging visualizations, you'll learn how to effectively communicate insights that resonate with your audience.


Whether you're pitching ideas to stakeholders or influencing strategic direction, this Master Class will equip you with the skills to make a lasting impression.

Interpretating Data for valuable insights

From understanding complex datasets to extracting valuable trends, you'll gain the skills to transform data into strategic goldmines.  


Elevate your decision-making power and harness the full potential of your data resources.

Post-program E-Mail consulting

After the Master Class is completed, you have one month e-mail consulting from me included. Ask me anything about data usage during Product development and I will answer your questions.

Is it for you?

  • This Master Class is designed for all Product Managers from Associate to Team Lead, who want to use data in their daily work routine.

  • It is for you, when you want to learn how to create KPI Trees, use them for your product development process and stakeholder management.

  • You are searching for answers on how to interpret data in a way it results in valuable insights.

  • It is not about developing Data Science Products.

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